Ways To Last Longer In Bed For Men Naturally

Lasting Longer NaturallyPremature ejaculation is an issues that many men are forced to confront once they become sexually active in the late teens and adulthood and it’s important to get it under control to ensure better and longer lasting relationships. While it can seem quite daunting for an inexperienced guy to face this dilemma, the good news is that there are many ways for men to learn how to last longer in bed naturally without the use of any dangerous pills, drugs or creams.

Men’s sex and relationship coach and author of the popular book Last Longer Now,  Adam Davey says that the key to learning how to last longer in bed is to treat your sexual performance as a skill that can be improved by increased knowledge and training. Adam says that there are a number of things you can do to last longer in bed but most guys go about it in exactly the wrong way.

Get the right advice

If you really want to learn how to last longer in bed it can be done but your going to have to get some good advice on the skills methods and techniques that will help you. Unfortunately as discussed here, there’s a lot of unhelpful, inaccurate and downright silly advice floating about on the internet regarding premature ejaculation and it can be hard to know what to and what not to believe.

Understand your body

Most guys out there weather they experience premature ejaculation or not have basically no idea about the processes and functions going on within their bodies each and every time the have intercourse. The human mind and body are very complex things but a basic understanding of how your thoughts and perceptions, muscular tension and various other factors can effect your arousal and ejaculatory system when you are with your partner will help you read the signals your body is sending you so you can then take to correct action.

The skills of control

Despite how it may sometimes feel, in actual fact by learning the right skills and techniques you can master how to be in full control of your body and ejaculatory system. It can take a little work and training but the key is to break it all down into single skills that you can understand, isolate, train and ultimately master. As you continue to learn more and more of these skills they will all start working together making it easier and easier to become proficient and each new skill.

The tipping point

After you have worked on a range of these skills such as muscular control, breathing, zoning in, ejaculatory reflex minimization and cool down methods you should find that you will reach the tipping point, where all of a sudden all these new skills start working exactly as they are intended to. You become more relaxed and confident and then all of a sudden you will realize that you can now last for as long as you choose because you have controlled all of the factors that contribute to the ejaculation process.

Klay Butler

Klay is one of our most experienced journalists who specialize in fitness and relationship wellbeing for men.

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