Here’s a list of some resources and websites on premature ejaculation and related mens issues that you might find  useful.

Brown University Health Education
Brown University’s section on mens health is a nice resource and much better that health information on the vast majority of university websites.

Beating Premature Ejaculation – By James Robinson
James Robinson’s site for his very successful bible on modern day methods to overcome premature ejaculation.  James goes into quite a bit of detail about how all of his methods work so it’s well worth a read weather you intend to buy his guide or not.

Ejaculation Freedom
A great site showcasing an excellent guide to help men prevent premature ejaculation through the use of exercises and training.

Premature Pills
Some guys prefer you use natural supplements to prevent premature ejaculation. The jury is still out on weather they work or not. is the best site to find the most trusted of these pills

Last Longer In Bed For Men blog
A quality blog covering a range of issues to do with premature ejaculation and specifically looking at various natural methods and techniques men can implement to last longer in bed and improve ejaculatory control.

University of Maryland Medical Center
The university of Maryland’s premature ejaculation page disusing a range of premature ejaculation treatments

Beyond Delay Method Of Treating Premature Ejaculation
Mike Andersen’s site where he explains his training system to treat premature ejaculation through exercises and techniques. Well worth checking out!

Treatments For Premature Ejaculation
A discussion of some of the most effective premature ejaculation treatments available for men with a focus on premature ejaculation exercises programs and other natural and educational methods